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Last modified at 10/12/2012 10:34 AM by Dodge,Cassandra J
How Do I Setup my GatorLink E-Mail on my Android Phone?
These instructions are from a stock version of Android without any manufacturer-specific overlay. The exact look of the settings may differ from device to device, but the settings remain the same. If you have any trouble setting it up, please call or stop by the UF Computing Help Desk.
First, you need to navigate to the "Setup New Account" function. This is most likely in Mail, press the menu button, and choose add new account. If there is not a choice to add a new account here, it may be in Settings > Accounts.
On the first screen, put in your GatorLink email address and password. Choose manual setup.
Next, choose IMAP as the account type.
Now, make sure your username is just the username (not, and make sure you GatorLink password is there. The incoming (or IMAP) mail server is:
There are two ways to setup mail on your phone. The first (preferred) is using a secure connection, with security type TLS or TLS (accept all certificates) and port 993, then click Next.
B. If the above settings do not work, try changing the security type to none and the port to 143, then click Next.
The outgoing (SMTP) mail server should be:
Make sure the box for "Require sign-in" is checked and that you have your GatorLink username and password typed in.
A. Again there are two different ways to set it up. The secure connection should use SSL or SSL (accept all certificates) and port 587, then click Next.
B. And if the above settings do not work, try changing the security type to None (the port should still be 587) then click next.
Now you will have to choose some settings, then click Next.
Finally, give the account a name that you will recognize, and type your name as you would like it to display.