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Follow these instructions to remove previous UF Wireless Wi-Fi settings with your outdated GatorLink password on Windows 8


Step 1.Click on icon that shows Wi-Fi connections are available in the lower right corner of the screen on your Desktop​



Step 2. Click on "View Connection Settings"


Step 3. Under Wi-Fi heading click on “Manage Known networks"


Step 4. Click on the network "uf" to select it and click on the "Forget" button


Step 5. Click on the “X” button on the top right corner of PC Settings to close the Manage Known Networks window

Step 6. On your Desktop, click on icon that shows Wi-Fi connections are available in the lower right corner of the screen​


Step 7. Choose "ufgetonline" in the list then click on "Connect"


Step 8. A captive portal to will appear on your computer. [If your computer doesn't allows pop-ups please go to your internet browser and type ""]


Step 9. Click on Auto Configuration button


Step 10. Click on the checkbox to accept the terms of AUP and click "Start"


Step 11. Under Microsoft Windows heading, click on "NetworkWizardLoader.exe" to download the file


Step 12. Open the download to run the wizard [the screen might be different based on your browser type]


Step 13. Click on the button "Run anyway" at the Windows SmartScreen prompt


Step 14 In the Cloudpath wizard enter your GatorLink Username [this format is all lowercase and has no at the end]


Step 15 Enter your GatorLink password [this is case-sensitive]

Step 16 Click "Continue" button


Step 17 Allow the wizard to run until the end, and Click "Done". You are now successfully connected to UF Wireless; open an Internet browser and enjoy.


Remember to follow the same procedure when you next change your GatorLink password to ensure that your account doesn't get locked-out with failed password attempts.


 Last modified at 3/7/2018 3:39 PM by Kiem Tran