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Windows XP Professional Wireless Manual Configuration

Wireless Manual Configuration – Windows XP Professional
Configuring Windows XP for UF WPA 2 wireless
  • Select Start>All Programs>Access>Communications>Network Connections. Right Click on Network Connections.
  • Select open to access the Network connections window.
  • From the "Network Connections" window, click on the wireless connections.
  • From left hand side links, select Change settings of this connection.
  • The Wireless Network Connections Properties window opens.
  • Select the Wireless Network Tab located in the center.
  • Select ufinfo.
  • Click Add.
  • A Wireless Network Properties window opens. With the Association tab selected:
    • Enter uf as the network name.
    • Select WPA 2 from the drop down menu for "Network Authentication".
  • Ensure that data encryption is AES.
  • Go to the Authentication tab located in the center.
  • Select PEAP from the EAP Type drop down menu.
  • Select Properties. Ensure that the following are selected:
    • Validate Server Certificate is checked;
    • Under Trusted Root Certificate Authorities, Add Trust External CA Root is checked;
    • Enable Fast Reconnect is checked;
    • Under Select Authentication Method, Secured Password (EAP-MSCHAP v2) is selected in drop down menu.
  • Click Configure.
  • Ensure the Automaticaly use my Windows login information is unchecked.
  • Select OK to save selections and close all open windows.
  • The device should automatically connect to uf network, if prompted to enter credentials use the following:
    • Username: Gatorlink Username
    • Password: Gatorlink Password
    • Logon Domain: UFAD
  • Once connected, you may be prompted to bring device into compliance through the Safe Connect software.
  • Follow steps on your device as needed.
  • After device is in compliance, refresh internet browser for web access.


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 Last modified at 7/10/2013 3:27 PM by Varvorines, Drake