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What kind of software should I have on my computer

What kind of software should I have on my computer?

Certain software packages are used in many colleges and departments across campus. While other packages can provide the same functions, there are significant convenience advantages to using one of the standard packages.
Some colleges require the use of a specific operating system. Before making any software purchases check with your College and Department about their computer requirements.
It is highly recommended that students download and install the Virtual Private Networking (VPN) client. VPN allows a student's computer connected from off campus to behave as if it were physically on the UF network. This permits access to some services, such as library services, that would otherwise not be available.
Also available to students is a collection of other software tools and utilities including virus protection and removal. Installing virus protection software is a requirement for the UF Network. A list of recommended virus protection software can be found on the UF IT Security Virus Protection page.
For information on other software available to you, visit

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