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What is a GatorLink account and how do I create one

What is a GatorLink account and how do I create one?
What is a Gator Link account?
GatorLink is the credential used for access to most campus systems, including the myUFL Portal, wireless and local networks. Every current student, faculty and employee must have a GatorLink username and password. Certain affiliate groups are also eligible for Gator Link. To use GatorLink, you must agree to UF Acceptable Use Policies.
GatorLink provides a short e-mail address. Official university communications are sent to students at this email address. Faculty, employees and students may use this mailbox or may elect to forward mail sent to this address to a different service. Services offered to all current faculty, staff and students, include the mailbox, web space and charged services.

Creating your account
Your account may be created by Gator Link customer service representatives in your area or you may create the account online. The web page for creation and management of your Gator Link username and password are at

To create your account online:
  • Find your UFID. This 8-digit number is on your Gator-1 card and can be obtained from your Department’s Directory Coordinator or call Office of Admissions for assistance at (352) 392-1365.
  • Click the Gator Link Account Creation link at
  • Type in your 8-digit UFID, last name, and enter your date of birth. Press Continue.
  • Select a username. This is your name on the Internet as well as part of your email address. Currently, it can be 2-16 characters, it must begin with a letter, it may have digits, it may have non-consecutive periods, and it may not contain special characters or spaces. The username is typed in lower case. We generally recommend your first letter of your first name followed by your last name. For example:
  • Create your password. Your password policy and requirements are displayed on the change password page. All passwords must contain a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols (three of those four elements). When typed, the password must match exactly the upper case or lower case letters that were originally typed. The password change process also requires agreement with UF Acceptable Use and security policies, and offers you the option of storing a password hint. We strongly recommend that you store a password hint so that you can reset your own password if it is forgotten.
Gator Link Password & Security
  • Do NOT share your password.
  • If your roles allow (P1-P3), set a password hint in myUFL under My Account>Store My Password Hint. Be sure that your hint is not easy to guess by your acquaintances or by repetitive automated hacking programs.
  • Do not store your password in your browser. If you have previously done this, you can clear passwords in Internet Explorer under Tools>Internet Options>Content tab>Auto Complete button>Clear Passwords button.
  • For further tips about creating and protecting passwords, please visit:


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