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What if I have forgotten my EI&O-NERSP password

What if I have forgotten my EI&O/NERSP password?

If you've forgotten your EI&O or NERDC password and your account is a EI&O/NERDC Basic Access account received through AT, speak to a Help Desk consultant to have your password reset.
Otherwise you must have your EI&O or NERSP password reset by your Group Security Administrator. You can find out who this is by using the IDSTATUS command on the NERINFO web page at Type in IDSTATUS, a space and your userid. Once you contact your security administrator, they can reset your password.
When your password is reset it is pre-expired --- that is, you must change it from the NERDC Sign on Menu OR by entering RESET PASSWORD/NEW PASSWORD/NEW PASSWORD in the 'Password:' field of your dial-up software. Once successful, you must enter your new password from then on.
For more specific instructions about EI&O passwords, refer to [How to Change Your EIO Password].
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 Last modified at 11/25/2014 2:44 PM by Burdette, David P