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What do I do if I am having Firefox playback issues

What do I do if I am having Firefox playback issues?

You can use Firefox to view presentations on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux computers. Please note that to playback a Mediasite presentation in Firefox, you must have installed the Active-X Plug-in you were prompted to download when you first opened the presentation. Otherwise, the presentation will not play.
There are a few known issues when viewing presentations using the Firefox web browser. These issues and their resolutions are addressed below:

Playback problems in Firefox 3 on Mac OS X
When playing back a presentation from a Mediasite 4.3 server in Silverlight using Firefox 3, the video window may appear partially black.
This is a known issue caused by the combination of Firefox 3.x and Silverlight 1.x. The problem has been fixed with Silverlight version 2.x, so it is recommended that users update to Silverlight 2.x or later.

No video in Firefox when Adblock Plus is installed
When attempting to view a presentation in Firefox when the Adblock Plus extension is installed, the video window may appear black.
To resolve this, either disable Adblock Plus or add an exception for the Mediasite server. To add an exception click the Block button located above the video window:
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 Last modified at 7/11/2013 3:42 PM by Varvorines, Drake