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Ubuntu Linux Wireless Manual Configuration

How Do I Manually Connect to Eduroam on Ubuntu Linux?

Step 1. Right click this link and save-as addtrustexternalcarootbase64.crt: AddTrust External Ca Root (Base64).

Step 2. After the download is done, try connecting to 'Eduroam'. If needed, edit your connection settings for 'Eduroam' as follows:
  • Wireless Security tab, enter the following: 
  • Network Name: eduroam (lowercase)
  • Security Type: WPA & WPA2-Enterprise
  • Authentication: Tunneled TLS
  • Anonymous Identity: (Leave blank if present)
  • CA Certificate: addtrustexternalcarootbase64.crt
  • Inner Authentication: MSCHAPV2
  • Username: gatorlink
  • Password: gatorlink password

You should now be connected!

Note: You should check web browsing, accessing any services that you typically use and make sure theese are working for you.

 Last modified at 10/12/2018 3:33 PM by Slater,December A