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Have you tried the auto connect?


Please try the auto configuration process if you have not already.  Click here for instructions.

If the auto connect is not working for you, you may need to manually connect to eduroam wireless. 

How do I manually connect my device to the eduroam wireless?


What is Eduroam?

 Eduroam is a service that allows you to connect to wireless internet at other participating institutions using your Gatorlink information. Follow this link for more information about the Eduroam service. The Eduroam site also includes a listing of all participating institutions.

Have you recently changed your password?


Changing your GatorLink password will require you to update any device that you have previously connected to eduroam wireless with your new GatorLink Password.  Click here for instructions on how to remove wireless credentials on most modern devices.


Where can I connect to the Wireless Network?


The Wireless Network is accessible inside and outside many campus building. The webpage has a checkbox for wireless on the Features Menu when clicked will display wireless icons over buildings that have coverage.

What if I am connected and constantly kicked off the Network?

To protect the University Network Systems, uf wireless uses a NAC (Network Access Control) system.  Sometimes the software associeated with this system can cause your computer to drop off the network.  Please download and install the SafeConnect policy key again to see if that resolves your issue.  You can manually download the policy keys here:

For Windows:
For MacOS:

If this does not resolve your issue, please call the UF Computing Help Desk at 352-392-4357 for further troubleshooting.

I have a signal but I cannot connect to any webpages or check my e-mail?

This can occur if your Anti-Virus software is blocking the SafeConnect software. Click here for a list of common programs that can interfere with SafeConnect.  Please temporarily disable your Anti-Virus software then re-open your browser to see if your issue is resolved.  Another common issue is that the date and time on your device is incorrect.  Please verify that your date, time, and time zone all match.

If you still cannot connect to any webpages, please call the UF Computing Help Desk at 352-392-4357.

How do I use Eduroam when I travel?

1. Before you travel make sure your device is able to get on the“eduroam” wireless network. This provides you with the certificates that are needed. If you have any issues with this, please seek assistance from the UF Computing Help Desk by phone at 352-392-4357.

2. If needed the rest of the manual settings is found here


What is the Guest Wireless Network?

Please read all about Wi-Fi Network built for guests to UF here.

See more general Wireless FAQs topics

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