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UF SSID and Dot1x Configuration

UF SSID and Dot1x Configuration
A new wireless SSID offers WPA 2 encryption and 802.1x based authentication. Using this new wireless network allows for a more secure network connection via WPA 2 encryption and offers a simplified network login process. Most devices should be able to use this new network including laptops, tablets, phones, game consoles, and any device that supports an Enterprise WPA 2 configuration. Once configured you will be able to connect to this network using your Gatorlink username and password for authentication. There is no preshared key (if your device is asking for PSK or preshared key, please use 802.1 option). To configure your device reference the information provided below.
The basic information for the wlan is as follows:

The link below provides access to the Xpress Connect auto configuration tool that will attempt to automatically configure the necessary settings for your device. However if it does not work or you are unable to use it for some reason, there are platform specific instructions provided below for manual configuration or verification.
Manual Configuration Links:
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