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Students and Staff How do I recognize official UF mail versus spam

How do I recognize official UF mail versus spam?

There are several points that can give away an illegitimate Spam mail versus those that are from UF.

When you receive official UF emails, you should always look out for:

  • An actual department from UF. Whenever you see something like 'Ufl Management Team' or 'Ufl Webmaster', those are not official departments. An actuall department would be something more like: 'UF Computing Help Desk', 'UF Registrar's Office', 'UF Admissions Office'.
  • A working phone number. Whichever department tries to contact you, will most likely have a contact phone number to which you can call them at if you have questions about the email they sent.
  • An official website link. For good measure, you should never click on links given to you in emails. If it looks official, but you are unsure, simply copy the link and paste it onto a browser. That way the link on the email will not re-route you elsewhere.
  • An email with only text. Official UF emails would never sent attachments to your account. The most that they would do is send you a link, referring you to go somewhere else to fill out a form.
  • Text relevant to you! If you read an email that seems to be inconsistent with your web use (accusing you of illegitimate actions), simply contact the phone number provided, before assuming that the accusations are true.

It is possible for you to contribute to the process of teaching UF's system to recognize junk mail. If you run across a false-negative -- an email that is clearly SPAM that the scanners scored less than five -- you can forward that message to the queue that is used to teach the spam scoring system's filter:


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