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Staff Why have I not received any official University mail

Why have I not received any official University mail?

Official UF mail is sent to all staff at their "UF Business email".

If you determine that you are not receiving official mail, check the following. Login to Modify at the Gator Link page and select Account Status from the menu at the left.

  • Is your UF Business email spelled correctly? If not, select Business email from the menu at the left and re-enter your email address. You can use your Gator Link, Departmental, or Personal email address as long as it is a mailbox you know how to check.

If you use your Gator Link mailbox as your UF Business email:

  • Do you have a Gator Link mailbox? If you are a Staff member and you do not have a Gator Link mailbox section, select Basic account setup to create a Gator Link mailbox. If you get the error message "Do not have proper affiliation", contact the UF Computing Help Desk for assistance getting your affiliation updated.
  • Is mail to your Gator Link email going to your Gator Link mailbox or another email box that you read? If not, select Email forwarding from the menu at the left and direct email to an email address that you read. Also make sure that your forwarding address is spelled correctly.
  • Is your mailbox over quota? If Bytes used is greater than Mailbox quota then you will not receive email until the server registers you back under quota. You will need to delete email from your email box until Bytes used is less than Mailbox quota


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