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Last modified at 8/23/2012 3:49 PM by Manasse,Dalyns
Setting up a Provost Course in Sakai

Site Information Page (home)

History of Education in the United States EDF 3415 Sections 5203 & 6821; AMH 3931 Sections, 1978 & 1980

Site Menu (left column)
Adding Links to the Site Menu (left)

The site menu should have the same links as the home page (in the site information display). Custom links in this menu are called Web LInks

    To add a web link, first find the URL of the target page Go to Resources, then navigate to the file.
    On the file name, right-click and choose Copy Link Location
    In the site menu, go to Site Info > Edit Tools.
    Check Web Links, then click Continue.
    Add the link Title (example: Start Here), then paste the copied URL into the Source field.
    If you want to add multiple links, select an option under More Web Links Tools. When you're done, click Continue.
    Click Finish to confirm the link.

To edit the Web link after it has been created:

    In the site menu, click on the web link, then click Options.
    Replace the URL.

Reordering the Site Menu Links

Links in the site menu should be in alphabetical order, except the 'Start Here ' link should be second after the home link.

Start Here Page

This is an orientation page to help students get started and links to other areas in the course. This should not contain any content that students would refer to throughout the semester, such as the syllabus or due dates pages.
Modules Page

This page lists all the modules in the course. It should use a two-column layout to best use the space available and avoid scrolling.