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Last modified at 8/23/2012 12:44 PM by Manasse,Dalyns

Recording Audio for a Slide

1. In Normal view, select the slide that you want to start the recording on.

2.On the Slide Show tab, in the Set Up group, click Record Narration .
Record Narration button 

Slide Show tab 

3. The window shown below will then appear. Before you click the OK option, be sure to review the options on the right as detailed below.
Record Narration 

  • Set Microphone Level - This is to ensure that your microphone is working properly. Click the Set Microphone Level button and you should be presented with a Microphone Check dialog box - I received an error which said 'PowerPoint is not receiving sound from the microphone'. If you receive a similar error, and your microphone functions fine, then you can ignore this error.
  • Change Quality - Another option which allows you to change the quality of the sound recorded - the best quality uses the maximum hard disk space as also system resources when running the presentation. The three preset options starting from the Best Quality are CD, Radio and Telephone. Using Radio Quality provides the best balance.

Sound Selection

Link Narrations - Be sure to check this box if you would like to link your sound files rather than embed. This option also allows you to later directly open the recorded sound files and edit them in a sound editor - in the process fooling PowerPoint into believing that they are the same files you recorded within PowerPoint.

4. Click OK to begin the slide show. The first slide of your presentation will appear.

5.Speak into the microphone to begin recording and press theEnter key to advance to a new slide. As you record the narration, leave a gap between each slide. Powerpoint records the narration for each slide as a seperate sound file and attaches the sound to the file. Also, you will get cut off if you talk through slide transistions.

6.When you reach the end of the slide show, Powerpoint asks if you want to save the timings.

  • To save the timings, click Save. Your slides appear in Slide Sorter view, with the slide timings shown below each slide.
  • To cancel the timings, click Don't Save.
    Saving Narrations 

7.Click the Slide Show button, and then one of the buttons shown below to listen to your narration.
Start Slide Show 

8.To hear an individual narration, click the speaker iconPreview in the lower right of the slide you wish to hear. Then, under Sound Tools, on the Options tab, in the Play group, click Preview, or double-click the speaker icon.
Record Narration 

9.To re-record a narration for one slide, open that slide in Normal View and chooseSlide Show > Set Up > Record Narration. PowerPoint asks whether you want to begin recording at the current slide or the first slide: Click the Current Slide button. When you’re finished recording, press the ESC key.


10.In order to delete a narration, click the speaker icon in the corner of the slide and press Delete. To delete the narration for an entire presentation, delete the speaker icon from every slide.