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Last modified at 8/23/2012 12:45 PM by Manasse,Dalyns

Recording Audio

1. In order to start recording audio, open Audacity from the main menu.

2. Place the headset with attached microphone onto your head. When you are ready to record, simply click the Record icon as shown. When you are finished recording, click theStop icon.


3. You can then click the Play icon to listen to your recording.

4. If your recording sounds very low or is hard to hear, you may increase the Gain as shown below in order to increase the volume of your recording. In addition, make sure that the volume of your headset is on, but not excessively low or high in order to better judge the volume of your recording.


5. A slightly more complicated way of increasing the volume, is by amplifying the wavelength. First, left click and drag over the portion you would like to amplify (or press CTRL + A to select the entire track). Then, go to Effect > Amplify and the window shown below will appear. Click Preview to test the volume of the selected portion, you can drag the bar in order to increase or decrease the volume. When you are finished, click OK.


The desired result of using amplify is shown below.


6. However, if you do not like your recording all together, simply click the X to the left of Audio Track as shown below, and repeat the previous steps.


7. After you are done recording, if you need help to edit the existing audio recording, please refer here

Otherwise, you may export as an Ogg, WAV, or MP3 file format depending on your needs as shown below.