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Last modified at 8/23/2012 3:51 PM by Manasse,Dalyns
This is the recommended folder structure for classes within the Provost Initiative.These folders should be in the SharedDrive\Projects folder. Keep folders organized by giving files meaningful names and group items together in folders.

General Guidelines

  • Give files and folders meaningful, consistent names¬† - what module is it for, what content is in it, what is its purpose?
  • Use numbers to indicate file versions instead of "final" or "test" - (Example: module01_background_01.psd, module01_background_02.psd). Assume that there will be more versions of source files from the start. This will make it easy to move old/unused versions to the archives folder.
  • Don't name working folders or files by module name alone - modules are often rearranged for different semesters or by preferences
  • Get approval on folder names and locations - ask the instructional designer how subfolders should be named and organized.
  • Delete temporary files immediately after testing or move them to the archives folder.
  • Don't keep final versions in your project folder (with your name)¬† - This folder should only be short-term, temporary storage. You can work out of the appropriate folder, but be sure to clean it up later.
Project Folders

(NOTE: This has not been reviewed or added to the _SampleCourseFolder yet)

  • AAA####_CourseName - include the course number and name.
    • archives - old versions that won't be used in the final version of course, zipped web content folder backups
    • client_content - Organize in folders by date (?)
    • graphics - all photoshop files, stock photos, headers, icons, edited images. Organize by what final image is for.
      • mockups - photoshop files for web page layouts, backgrounds, and icons.
      • stock_photos - raw photos and any downloaded photos from istockphoto, clip art, flickr, etc. Organize by source or subject.
    • media
      • audio - unedited and edited sound, project files.
      • video - raw video, project files, finished versions named and filed appropriately by module and/or subject
      • webtours - captivate project files and published presentations, captivate tutorials
      • presentations - powerpoint templates and presentations files
      • documents - edited PDFs and any Word documents used to create them
    • project_management - notes, spreadsheets, etc. about the project (no content files here)
    • web_content_semesterYYYY - Examples: web_content_fall2009, web_content_spring2010, web_content_fall2010_sakai)
      • _images
      • _media
        • audio
        • video
      • _scripts
      • _styles
      • activities
      • documents
      • handbook
      • instructor_materials
      • modules
        • mod01
      • tutorials
      • org-footer.html
      • org-header.html