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Page Numbering Help

Page Numbering Help 

In designing the Template to conform with the requirements of the University of Florida Graduate School, we use the View - Header and Footer version of page numbering.

Inserting Page Numbers
To insert page numbers, go to the Menu Bar and select the Insert tab. Under the Header&Footer section, you can select Page Number.
You will see the page number menu, where you can choose to insert on the top, bottom, side margin or where ever the cursor is on the page.
You can also Format Page Numbers or Remove Page Numbers.
Under Page Number Format, you have several options. Under Number Format, you can change the style of the numbers from Arabic to Roman numerals, or letters. The most important for the Editorial office is the bottom section where it says Page Numbering. By default, word sets your page numbers to "continue from previous section." You can leave this at default.
What if my page numbers appear at both the TOP and BOTTOM of every page?
  • Go to Insert - Header or Footer. Then click Edit Header/Footer
  • Highlight the page number you want to remove.
  • Turn OFF the Same As Previous option in the Header and Footer button bar.
  • Delete the offending page number.
  • Repeat steps 1-4 in subsequent Chapters if necessary.

What if my page numbers are all EVEN or all ODD?
  • Go to Insert - Header or Footer. Then click Edit Header/Footer.
  • Look for the Options, and make sure that the Different Odd and Even checkbox is NOT checked.
  • Another possibility is that there is a Odd or Even Section Break inserted in your document. See the tutorial for Section Breaks to correct this.


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