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OneDrive for Business @ UF

OneDrive for Business is UF’s approved individual, cloud storage solution.  If you’re familiar with DropBox, Google Drive, or the OneDrive service that comes along with a personal Hotmail/ account, then you’ll have a good idea of what this service is about- the primary difference is that this service has been vetted with UFIT Security and is approved for UF business with the important exception of business that involves Protected Health Information (PHI).

UF’s OneDrive offering provides 5TB of total storage per person.  The limitations are that no single file can be larger than 15GB.   One other important limitation is that the “sync” client which makes it so you can have a folder on your PC that is automatically kept in sync with your OneDrive storage on a Windows PC or Mac. The mobile client also allows access to your OneDrive files while on the go.

Who is eligible for UF OneDrive for Business?

All current Students, Faculty, Staff and Employees are eligible for OneDrive.

Is OneDrive for Business approved for use with sensitive or restricted data?

OneDrive is approved for use with UF data EXCEPT Protected Health Information (PHI).  Those members of the UF community who may come into contact with PHI during the course of their duties are advised to strictly avoid placing any PHI data in OneDrive.

For all additional sensitive, restricted, or personal data individuals are advised to carefully consider what data they store, share, or sync with OneDrive.

Of special concern is OneDrive for Business’s ability to ‘sync’ files and folders to an individual’s PC or other device.  This sync operation creates a copy of any synced data on the hard-drive of the synchronized device.     It is strongly recommended that synchronization of OneDrive data only be performed on a PC or other device that is completely compliant with UF Information Security policies and guidelines for maintaining secure devices.

Never sync data to a public or shared computer.  Always ensure that synchronized computers and other devices comply with drive encryption as laid out in UF’s mobile device policy:​

How to sign up for OneDrive for Business?

Signing up for UF’s OneDrive for Business is as easy as signing into the service.  All eligible members of the UF community are automatically provisioned for the service.​

Signing in to OneDrive 

There are a couple ways to sign in to OneDrive after you've successfully signed up for the service.
  1. - That screen is a Microsoft login screen.  Type in your GatorLink username followed by– -- and then hit Tab or click on the password field.  At this point Microsoft will detect that you’re attempting to login with a UF account and will redirect you to UF Authentication page.​
  2. OR, if you have GatorCloud Email (Students), just click the "OneDrive" link in the top menu bar of the Outlook Web App:


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