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Office 365 - Accessing via Web Browser

The Basics of Using Office 365 in Your Web Browser

This document covers basic usage of Office 365 via a web browser on your desktop or laptop computer and may be relevant to tablet users who are accessing the service via a browser app. For information about using Office 365 on most Mobile devices, please see the document on Mobile Basics

Supported Browsers

The major browsers are all supported for Office 365:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

For specifics on which versions work best, please see the Microsoft document on "Browser compatibility requirements for Office 365.

Connecting and Logging In

To access your account from your browser:


After You've Logged In

The Office 365 Menu Bar

When you log in via the web, you'll notice that every page has a menu bar across the top. The menu bar contains:

  • links to the services available in Office 365 – Outlook, Calendar & People (Newsfeed, SkyDrive & Sites maybe listed, but are not included at this time) 
  • a status pull-down menu where you can set your ‘presence’
  • a settings pull-down menu
  • a help icon

Office 365 Web Apps

  • Outlook - allows you to view, send and receive email. It's the first screen you'll see when you login to Office 365. For information about working with Outlook Web App, see the Microsoft Help Document for Mail in Outlook Web App.
  • Calendar - displays your personal calendar and also allows you to see other calendars that have been made available to you. For information about using theCalendar from the Outlook Web App, see the Microsoft Help Documentation for Calendar in Outlook Web App.
  • People - allows you to view and edit your personal contacts.  You'll also be able to access other contact information from the UF Global Address List (GAL). For more information about using contacts and the GAL, see the Micrsoft Help Documentation for People in Outlook Web App.

 Last modified at 11/16/2014 7:33 PM by Joe Gasper (UF)