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To forget the previous GatorLink password in your Mac Sierra 10.12 Wi-Fi Configuration follow these steps.

Remove the Profile

1)      Spotlight search for “Profiles” and select it. (Spotlight the search bar on the top-right corner on the desktop.)

Removing Profile 1.png 


2)      Select the UF Wireless Network under User Profiles on the left.

Removing Profile 2.png 


3)      Click the minus (-) sign at the bottom and select Remove.

Removing Profile 3.png 


4)      Enter your computer’s password. The profile should then be removed. 

Removing Profile 4.png 


SafeConnect Installation

1)      Select the Wifi symbol in the upper left of the screen and click Open Network Preferences. Under Network Name, select the ufinfo network. Click Apply.

XpressConnect 1.png 


2)      Open an internet browser and navigate to Select Auto Configuration and agree to the policy. Click start.

XpressConnect 2.png 


3)      Under macOS Sierra, select Click here to download Cloudpath.

XpressConnect 3.png 


4)      Once it is downloaded, open your downloads folder and select the Cloudpath Folder. Then select the file that says Cloudpath.

XpressConnect 4.png 


5)      Enter in your GatorLink username and password and click Next. Then enter your computer password.

XpressConnect 5.png 


6)      Cloudpath should be successfully installed. Connect to the uf network with GatorLink credentials. 

XpressConnect 6.png 


 Last modified at 2/28/2017 5:08 PM by Kiem Tran