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Mac OS Snow Leopard Eduroam

  • Give the profile a name, for example "UF wirless network". Then enter the following information.
  • From the Menu bar, select the Apple icon, and then "System Preferences".
  • In the "Internet & Network" section, select "Network".
  • From the Network window, select "Airport" on the left side and then the "Advanced" button near the bottom.
  • From the menu at the top select "802.1X"
  • Click the "+" in the lower left corner and select the choice "Add User Profile".
  • Give the profile a name, for example "UF wireless network".
  • Select "OK" to close the profile window.
  • Select "Apply" on the Network window to save the changes.
  • To use the network just configured, make sure it is selected from the Network Name selections.
  • If you have not connected to this network before you may need to setup trust for the certificate.
You should now be able to access ‘eduroam’ wireless network . When prompted for login info you should use your<your gatorlink userid> and password to login. You should check web browsing, accessing any services that you typically use and make sure these are working for you.

 Last modified at 2/27/2014 3:12 PM by Varvorines, Drake