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Landscaping Help

Landscaping Help

The purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate how to rotate your pages from the portrait to the landscape orientation so that your thesis/dissertation can accomodate figures/tables that are wider than they are tall.
To do this you will need to insert section breaks.
Please note, the "Show/Hide" tool in windows should be on to help you keep track of what is going on in your document. To turn it on, go to the Home tab and click this symbol:

Now, to insert a page break: First, place your cursor where you would like to add the section break. You will need one both before and after the figure or table you want to have on a landscape page. Then, go to the Page Layout tab in the toolbar. In the Page Setup section, you will see a "Breaks" drop down menu. Choose "Next Page" under "Section Breaks." This will isolate your table or figure on it's own page.
Creating a section break:


What your document will look like now:
Now place your cursor on the page with the figure or table. On the toolbar, you will click the Page Layout tab, then Orientation. In the Orientation menu you will find the Landscape option:
Your document should now have a landscaped page.

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