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Last modified at 10/12/2012 10:12 AM by Dodge,Cassandra J

How Do I Use the Virtual Private Network (VPN) Connection to Protect my Connection?

The UF VPN Service is designed to allow University Faculty, Staff, and Students to securely "tunnel" into campus over commodity networks, such as the Internet, and access services as if they were on campus. It is also ideal for use over campus wireless networks as well. The only two things you need to begin are the VPN program, which is available on the Network Services site, and a valid Gator Link account.
For wireless connections, the VPN software is a more secure alternative to the online login page for campus wireless. VPN will allow safer information transfer between the host computer and the network.
Some UF services require the secure connection that VPN establishes. One such example of this is downloading software from Software Licensing Services. Connecting with VPN allows you to appear to be a local connection on the UF network rather than an outside connection.

You can download the VPN by going to