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How Do I Configure Dot1x on Android Phone Tablet Manually?

How Do I Configure Dot1x on an Adroid Phone or Tablet Manually?

For Android operating systems you will want to create a profile for this wireless network.
  • Open your "Settings" and select "Wireless & networks".
  • Open Wi-Fi Settings.
  • Uncheck Network notification
  • Add Wi Fi network
  • Add "uf" for Network SSID
Enter the following info:
Network SSID uf
Security Type WPA2 Enterprise or 802.1x (if WPA2 Enterprise not listed)
Phase 2 authentication MSCHAP V2
CA certificate If present leave blank or select "Use System Certifcates"
User certificate (leave blank if present)
Identity your GatorLink username
Anonymous identity (leave blank if present)
Password your GatorLink account password


The first time you connect you may be asked to accept to trust the AddTrust root certificate. Accept the certificate and complete the connection.

 Last modified at 2/8/2017 3:11 PM by White,Patrick M