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How do I use the Webmail Address Book

How do I use the Webmail Address Book?

To access the Address Book, simply click the link at the top after logging into Once viewing the Address Book, you'll notice 3 columns, each with different contents. The left column displays your groups, the center your contacts, and the right your contacts' details.
Each column's contents are nested within the selection of the column to its left, meaning Contact Details are stored for each and any Contact selected, which are themselves stored in whichever Group you have selected. Creating a Group is useful if you'd like to be able to send to a certain group of contacts all the time. To create a group, simply click the + (plus) sign at the bottom left of the groups pane:

And simply type a descriptive name of the group you'd like to create. Now that you have created a group, you can drag and drop contacts directly into it from your main contacts list Personal Addresses (or any other group you've already added members to). To select multiple contacts in the center column, use shift to select a range of contacts or ctrl (control) on your keyboard to click multiple single contacts. Once selected (highlighted), drag (click and hold on a part of your selection) the contacts to a group in the left pane and let go of the left mouse button.
Now your contacts will be copied into the group you've placed them in. To make use of this grouping, you can simply type this group name into the Recipient field of the composition screen. You'll notice the composer tries to autocomplete the group name you're typing. If you see this, simply press enter and it will automatically fill in the group's name and then insert all your group's addresses into the Recipient field.

This autocomplete behavior when composing messages will also work for individual email addresses you start typing. Another way to compose mail to multiple contacts is directly from the address book. If you have one or more contacts selected in the central column, the Compose Mail To button at the top becomes available, allowing you to compose a message directly to all those contacts you have selected.
To add a new contact, you can use the Create a new contact card button at the top, which will allow you to singly create new contacts, or you can use the Import Contacts to import contacts you have stored in vCard format from other mail program(s).
Once created, contacts' information can be viewed by selecting them in the center column, which will display their details in the right. You can edit a contact's details by by selecting it and clicking the edit contact button in the right pane. When done updating a contact, clicking save will save the changes.
To delete contacts, simply select them in the center column and click the delete selected contacts button at the top.
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 Last modified at 7/11/2013 3:13 PM by Varvorines, Drake