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How do I make an online submission to the Editorial Office

How do I make an online submission to the Editorial Office?

This tutorial shows you the steps involved in successfully submitting the PDF of your thesis/dissertation to the Editorial Office of the Graduate School. Signing into the EDM (Editorial Document Management) System; Selecting your Degree Segment; Following the EDM Checklist.
  • Uploading your PDF
  • Uploading Support Files
  • Uploading Object Files
  • Entering Text of your Academic Abstract
  • Making sure your Title is correct
  • Entering Keywords

Signing On to the EDM (Editorial Document Management) System
Before you submit your document, make sure you review our tutorial on PDF creation. The next step is to visit the Editorial Office's ETD Submission page at the following link: When you first visit the page, you will be presented with a page that resembles the image below:
If you meet the criteria listed here you may click on the "Enter EDM" button and begin the submission process.
After you select your degree segment, you will be able to upload a thesis or dissertation as a PDF file; copy and paste your document Title and Abstract into the appropriate text boxes. When this is done you will be able to click on the button at the bottom of the screen to "Generate a Package." Once a package is generated you will see a complete record of your submission status as shown below.
You can then choose "Edit" which will allow you to upload "Support Files." If you are making a First submission you will need to upload a pdf of your journal article as a support file. If you are submitting a dissertation you will also need to have your transmittal letter filed electronically by your Department. After your documents are uploaded and Title and Abstract have been entered you can enter the Keywords people will use to search for your document by clicking on the "Keywords" button.
Single words only! If you need a hyphenated phrase use separate keywords without the hyphen. If you have a phrase with words in common with another phrase, the common words need only be entered one time. Capitalization does not matter - all words will be stored in all caps.
For all other changes you need to click the "Edit" button and then make the needed changes.
When the Edit button is pressed several options are activated. You can upload a new dissertation or thesis file; you can upload or delete support files.
After you have completed your edits you will need to click the "Update" button, otherwise when you leave this page all of your changes will be lost! If you have any difficulties with uploading your document to the EDM system, contact ETD Technical Support in any of the following ways:
  • Telephone: (352) 392-HELP (4357)
  • E-mail:
  • Visit: the HUB room 224

Uploading Support Files
Use the Support Files section to upload the copy of your Journal Article you used to determine your reference style. Click on the New Support File button to upload a new support file and select a support file and click Delete Selected Support File to remove a file.

Uploading Object Files
If you are including multimedia or additional files with your document as Objects you should contact the Institutional Repository at the UF Libraries Digital Collections. The main link can be found here: To gain access to the Repository use their contact page to let them know that you need access and what you intend to upload, use their contact page found here:
The IR submittal instructions are here:
The top of the page has a video, and then the instructions are beneath the video.
After an item has been submitted (with the files, or just the metadata, with the files to follow) the item will have a permanent link, which is shown on the citation page for each item, as with this example:
where the permanent link is
Use the permanent link to create the link in your Word file from the Object caption in the text of your document to the object in the Institutional Repository. Then, on the PC "Save As . . ." and choose file type of pdf (DO NOT "Print to PDF") - the save as process should preserve any links in the Word File.
Entering the Text of your Academic Abstract
In this section you will copy/paste the content of your academic abstract. A text input field is provided for you. You will then select the text of your academic abstract from your word processor-based document, and paste it into the text input field accordingly. If your abstract contains special characters (such as Greek letters, super/subscripted variables, etc.) you must spell them out according to the usage of your discipline (e.g. omega, delta, lambda sub one, etc). Note: Do not attempt to enter special characters as html-escaped codes. The software that sends your abstract to the web will remove all such codes. Once you have completed the pasting and modification of your academic abstract click on the "Update" button to save your changes.

Entering Keywords
This is where you get to enter the searchable text that will be associated with your document. This text (also known as 'metadata') is used by Internet search engines to find your document. Therefore when someone visits the UF Library's website and types a combination of words into their search field, your document will be one of several that is retrieved. The more keywords the person enters, the narrower the search will become.
You can have as many keywords as you like, however, when entering keywords, the following rules will apply:
  • You can only use letters and numbers for your keywords.
  • All punctuation (including hyphens) will be removed.
  • Only type one word per line.
  • Enter hyphenated words as separate keywords.
When you've finished your keyword entry, press the "Update" button to save your changes. When you revisit the ETD Editorial Document Management System website, click on View Editorial E-mail to see whether your document has been "Accepted" or if modifications to your document have been requested. We hope this tutorial has been useful to you! If have challenges with the electronic submission of your document, please feel free to contact us at, visit the ETD Consulting Lab in The Hub, Room 224 or call (352) 392-HELP (4357) and ask to speak to an ETD Consultant.


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