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How do I download software from the web

How do I download software from the web?

Downloading software differs depending on which download site you visit and what web browser you are using. While there is no uniform standard, most times you see something like:
  • You are in a "ftp" archive where everything is downloadable.
  • You notice a hyperlink that seems to be associated with a program or the like.
  • You see a hyperlink that says "Download", "Get it", or something like that.
Whatever the initial download looks like, click on the program/etc. that you want to get. To describe what happens next, we will use Netscape as an example, fortunately, other browsers (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE)) behave similarly.
Your browser will bring up a window that allows you to save or open the file you selected. The key button is "[Save File...]" or "[Save to Disk]". Click on this. It will bring up a file system window, essentially the same as you might see if you had clicked on "[File]" and "[Save As...]". Navigate your way to some appropriate part of your hard disk and click on [OK] to begin the download. It is a good idea to use an easy-to-remember directory or folder to save your file in; "temp" or "download" are useful directory names for this purpose.
Downloading will now be in progress, you'll have to wait for it to complete, and the amount of time can be considerable. For example, a large web browser program can take 30 minutes or longer to download, depending on the time of day. Regardless, follow the progress of the download in the download window that came up when you initiated the download.

When the download window reaches 100% and disappears, the download is complete. Now the file is on your computer's hard disk in a directory such as "c:\temp".

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