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How do I connect to the UF Wireless Network

How do I connect to the UF Wireless Network?

UF offers a wireless network for users throughout campus. Most new mobile devices – laptops, tablets and phones, will automatically detect if a wireless network is in range. Follow the steps below for proper configuration of your device.
Note: There is no pre-shared key. If your device asks for a preshared key (PSK) please use 802.1 option.
When accessing the UF wireless network for the first time, users must connect through the ”ufinfo” wireless connection option. Users will only have access to internet pages that allow for configuration of their device. Once the device is in compliance with network security measures, additional wireless connections and internet access becomes available.
Instructions are provided for the following items:
Defining the Network Connection   (Back to Top)
  • Right-click on the lower right hand corner of the screen to open the Wireless Network Connection Screen.
  • Wireless Network Connection screen opens. Select “ufinfo” and click Connect.
  • Set Network Location. Click on Public Network.
  • Network location is set to public. Click Close.
  • If you re-open the Wireless Connection Panel. The “ufinfo” wireless network will show connected without internet access.
Note: In order to access the internet, you will have to download the Xpress Connect configuration tool.
  • Open Internet Explorer. The browser window should default to the following address: Click Auto Configuration.
  • Check Box to accept the terms of the Acceptable Use Policy as set forth by the University of Florida. Click Start.
  • An automatically generated form will run through the required configuration steps. When prompted, verify that the application’s digital signature has been verified through Cloud Path Networks, Inc. Click Run.
  • The configuration process runs. This process should only take several seconds.
  • In order to complete the configuration process, Xpress Connect will ask for your GatorLink username and password. Enter your information in corresponding text fields.
  • Note: Your GatorLink username doesnot include “”.
  • Click Continue.
  • XpressConnect will verify if all the required software for network security is in place. Click Install if additional software is required.
  • SafeConnect will download. The configuration process will connect to the network and authenticate the GatorLink username and password in order to access the wireless network system.
  • XpressConnect will notify you when it has successfully connected to the network. Click Done and proceed to use internet on the UF wireless network.
  • Connecting to “ufinfo” is only required upon initial connectivity to the UF wireless network. When connecting to the UF wireless network in the future, you will automatically be connected to the “uf” wireless network throughout campus.
  • Note: "ufinfo" will need to be used after changing your password.
When I access the internet I am redirected and asked to install SafeConnect.   (Back to Top)
  • Click Click here to install the Policy Key.
  • Click Install.
  • Click OK after Safe Connect has successfully been installed.


  • If another window appears in background, close the page after the Safe Connect installation is complete and access internet.
I receive an authentication error during XpressConnect Installation.   (Back to Top)
  • If your device is already running anti-virus software or has enabled firewall protection, you may need to enter your GatorLink username and password information again.
  • Click Additional Information is needed to connect on the bubble on the lower right of your screen.
  • Enter GatorLink username and password in the appropriate text field. Click OK.
  • Click Retry.
  • Click Done after successful installation.

I loce my connection throughout campus and need to continuously reconnect.   (Back to Top)
  • Ensure that the uf wireless network is set to Connect Automatically. This will vary between devices and operating systems.


For Windows 7
  • Open Network and Sharing Center
  • Click Wireless Network Connection (uf).
  • The Wireless Network Connection Status window opens. Click Wireless Properties.
  • Check “Connect automatically when this network is in range”. Click OK.
  • Close Wireless Network Connection Status and Networking and Sharing windows.

If these parameters are set correctly and your problem persists, your device may have a virus or otherwise compromising data. Refer to the Help Desk FAQs or contact the Help Desk at(352) 392-HELP (4357) for additional information.
Refer to the links and chart below for more detailed instructions.

The basic information for the wlan is as follows:


The link below provides access to the Xpress Connect auto configuration tool that will attempt to automatically configure the necessary settings for your device. However if it does not work or you are unable to use it for some reason, there are platform specific instructions provided below for manual configuration or verification.



Manual Cofiguration Links   (Back to Top)
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