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​How Do I Connect to the UF Visitor Network?

How Do I Connect to the UF Visitor Network?

 The UF Visitor network is available for:

  • users that do not have a GatorLink username and password.

The instructions below are based on Windows 7 operating system.

NOTE: The ufvisitor wireless network is a beta service with undocumented restrictions on internet connectivity and bandwidth.


1. Right-click on the lower right hand corner of the screen to open the Wireless Network Connection Screen.


2. Wireless Network Connection screen opens. Select “ufvisitor” and click Connect.


3. "ufvisitor" will connect however internet access will still not be accessible.


4. A notificiation requesting additional log in information may appear. Click to open browser.


5. If notification did not appear, open internet browser window.

6. Request PIN code by entering a valid phone number in the required text box. The phone number will appear in green once verified.

ufvisitor page.jpg


7. Enter the phone number used (no spaces) and PIN code received in appropriate text boxes. Click Login.


 8. Your internet home page will open.



What should I do when I get a security certificate error when accessing the website page?

Certificate errors are often caused by conflicting paths between websites and servers. Select "Continue to this website (not recommended)". The UF website security certificate is "ok" as shown below:



Should I select "Show all content" if I receive an Internet Explorer notification that states "Only secure content is displayed"?


Yes. If all content is not displayed, the UF Visitor Network Login page will load incorrectly. You will be unable to enter a phone number to request the required PIN access code.

 Last modified at 1/13/2015 1:12 PM by Bache, Robert