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Export Exchange Mailbox To PST

Exchange Administrators: How To Export an Exchange Mailbox to a PST 

For AD accounts that have not been disabled (you would find in the /People/Disabled OU), the process to be followed by Tier-2/Department/College Exchange admins is as follows (if this is not you, have your Exchange admin perform these steps):

  1. If the user is still in your department's OU (best to plan and instruct HR staff about the need for PST export prior to account managment) then you can proceed. If your user is in the /People/Other OU, first have your DSA set the account's NMB to one under your control. 
  2. Perform an export of the user's mailbox to PST. See instructions: Export a Mailbox to a PST File​
  3. Have your DSA remove the NMB from the user.
  4. Do as you need with the PST. You can script the import of the PST to a service mailbox. See instructions: Import a PST File into a Mailbox 

NOTE: If the account is in a managed OU of another department, coordinate with that unit's Tier-2 Exchange admin to run the export. That admin does not need permissions to your Share - just the "Exchange Trusted Subsystem" group. 

NOTE: If the account is in the disabled OU you may open a ticket with EI&O for assistance.

 Last modified at 11/25/2014 4:20 PM by Gasper, Joe