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Last modified at 8/23/2012 3:38 PM by Manasse,Dalyns
Content Guidelines



Avoid writing words in all caps (Example: ARTS). Screen readers usually spell out each letter of words in all caps (Example: A-R-T-S). If the text is not an acronym or an abbreviation, use CSS styles or classes instead to change the look of text.

<style type="text/css">
   span.title { text-transform:uppercase; }
<span class="title">Arts</span>


Content Images

Content images are graphics like photos, illustrations, and diagrams that convey information. Each image should have a meaningful description of what it is in the alt attribute for screen reader users. 

<img src="someimage.png" alt="A monarch butterfly in Mexico" />

Decorative Images

The best way to display them is to add them as CSS background images to a tag. You can also use an empty alt attribute in the img tag.

PDF Files

Linking to PDFs

Always indicate that the item is a PDF in the link so that users know what type of document it is before it opens. This helps screen reader users and those using devices that do not support PDF documents. Make sure the document opens in a new window/tab so that the user can easily return to the original page. 

<a href="myfile.pdf" target="_blank">Title of This File (PDF)</a>

MediaSite Presentations

These links should open in a new window using target="_blank". This is so that students will not have to horizontally scroll to see the entire presentation on a 1024x768 screen.