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Can I block mail from someone in Webmail

Can I block mail from someone in Webmail?

Unfortunately, at this time there is no way to permanently block specified addresses in Webmail. The only way that mail can be filtered from senders is on a per-session basis. For example, you can choose to filter by "Only Sender:" which will allow you to more quickly identify the messages from this particular group and delete them more easily. However, there is no way to permanently filter or block e-mail from a particular sender at this point in time. Here are some steps for filtering mail by sender.
  • Select "Only Sender" from the Filter Message List menu.
  • Type the name of the sender in the empty box next to the filter menu.
  • Press the Filter button. This will result in your seeing a list of all messages from that particular sender.
  • Click on "Check All" which appears at the bottom of the list of messages. This will cause a check to be placed in the box to the left of each message.
  • Click on the "Delete Checked" button to move these messages to the trash
  • Click on the "Empty Trash" button to truly remove the messages from your inbox.
Spam e-mails that are blocked by the OSG servers are those e-mails that "Spamassassin" scores as ten or greater, are blocked with SBL or XBL, contain a known virus, or contain a certain attachment type.
It is possible for you to contribute to the process of teaching the Spamassassin system to recognize junk mail. Whenever you run across a false-negative, an email that is clearly SPAM that the scanners scored less than five, you can forward that message to the queue that is used to teach the spam scoring system's filter. If a message that you think is spam is not marked as such, you should forward the message to
Webmail was written to assist professors, staff, and students, when traveling away from the UF campus. It was never meant to compete or replace commercial email products such as Netscape, Outlook, Thunderbird (Mozilla), or Eudora. If you would like more spam filtering functionality, then try using one of these products. Further information on how to set-up these e-mail clients can be found on the Email & Lists page.
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