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About the CITT Video Stations


The CITT has two video stations with dual displays, and a robust video editing computer. Both stations have several programs for multimedia production, and run Windows XP. A VHS, DVD, and DV decks are available on each station. The hard drives are limited in space, therefore any projects over 1 hour of video at one time should be discussed with a consultant. 


Sony Vegas
Used for video editing and for capturing from miniDV, VHS, and DVD.

DVD Architect
Authoring DVDs from Sony Vegas MPEG-2 files.

Adobe Flash Video Encoder
Converts most popular formats into a FLV file.

Adobe Premiere
Used for video editing, similar to Final Cut Pro.

Final Cut Pro
The Macintosh standard for video editing.

A simple easy to use video editor. Part of iLife, found only on Mac's.

Windows Movie Maker
A simple Windows based movie editor.

Xvid encoder
A program designed to compress video files, videos may be playable on some DVD players. 

Did you know...
If you have specialized peripherals that can be attached via firewire, USB, or serial connections, the consultants can work with you to attach them, if they are required for your project.

Also if you have your own PAL or Region Player a consultant can help you convert the video into NTSC.

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