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About the UFIT Wiki

This wiki is designed to be a common place for documentation of techniques and best practices for the University of Florida community. All UFIT professionals are invited to participate and make use of the pages.
What belongs in the Wiki
  • Documentation about campus processes, instructions and tutorials.
  • Answers to IT questions which were difficult to resolve
  • Links to policies, especially if you had difficulty figuring out where they were.
  • Policies under development, especially if you are seeking comments and editing help.

 What DOES NOT belong in the Wiki
  • Absolutely NO Restricted Data, secrets, or sensitive data. The audience for this wiki is open to the public.
  • Official policies. These pages are mutable, and as such should not store the "Official copy" of any policy. Link to it instead.


Brief History
In May of 2009, groups from the UFIT Community started the first instance of the UF IT Wiki at The wiki ran on the MediaWiki platform and it used Shibboleth authentication. The wiki was used mostly for technical documentation.
In 2012, UF IT decided to revisit the use of this wiki and decided to move to the SharePoint 2010 platform for this wiki.

Goals for the Project

  1. Create a central index and overview of campus IT
  2. Create a place for IT workers to share information about products and technologies, reviews and views
  3. Collect policy and procedure documents from around the university in a central location

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