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With them we will give life





010000 - General Requirements

Recommended Revision

​Di Maio's mission to Brussels was aimed at building future alliances. Who does the M5S intend to talk to? "Yesterday's meeting in Brussels of the political leader of the 5-star Movement Luigi Di Maio and the leaders of three other emerging European formations is a fundamental step in a work that comes from afar", Agea points out. "In recent months we have talked with everyone, as is our nature, and we have found important convergences with the Poles of Kukiz'15, the Croats of Zivi zig and the Finns of Liike Nyt.

With them we will give life to the group of direct democracy and our goal is to be decisive in the next European Parliament ". The M5S "believes in the values ​​of participation and citizen involvement" and for this reason the big groups - EPP and S&D - must know that the time when decisions are taken in the secret of the Brussels rooms is over ". But what will be the "Your strategies, themes and contents? And what will be in the manifesto that will be signed in mid-February in Rome?" On too many issues this Europe uses two weights and two measures: the lobbies, for example, count more than the citizens.

Explanation/Justification for Change

​We want to overturn this scheme - continues Agea -. Think, then, how much waste can be cut: the salary of European Commissioners or the triple seat of the European Parliament which is the shame of shame. According to an estimate by the European Parliament itself, only the Strasbourg office costs between 156 and 204 million. This money must be returned to the citizens. As far as the manifesto is concerned, it will contain the good ideas of all national delegations ". The objective is therefore to focus on" direct democracy, the fight against poverty, the health of citizens and the defense of Made in Europe excellence. We, in particular, are working closely with Luigi Di Maio, the Ministers, the deputies and senators whose contribution will be precious in the drawing up of our program for the European women ". On the Greens? Negotiation uphill?" The dialogue with individuals MEPs have never stopped ", continues the M5S Head of Delegation to the EU Parliament." We have a common sensibility on many issues - in particular the environmental ones -. In northern Italy, people die of smog and every family is struggling with children's breathing problems.

Benefit to UF

​For us this is unacceptable. We need more effective policies and therefore their contribution and their support in battles that can be common are welcome. "On the possible trip to Strasbourg of Di Maio and Di Battista what can you tell us?" Alessandro Di Battista is a precious resource for the Movement 5 Stars but, I would say, of all Italian citizens. He is an example of who can do politics with passion and without weighing on the pockets of Italians. This is demonstrated by the fact that in five years the legislature has repaid over 200 thousand euros. We are waiting for him with open arms ", Agea points out. Di Maio's trip to Brussels was read by many as a secret mission. Can you tell us why?" No secrecy. We kept the privacy of the meeting place in order to work peacefully on the contents and get to know each other better.

I was very impressed by the charisma of these European leaders who may not be known by the general public but have all the qualities to do well. They are young, dynamic and represent the face of the future of Europe ". With the yellow vests a dialogue has opened. How will you move?" I know that Luigi Di Maio is in contact with some of them but the meeting was not yet fixed What is happening in France is very interesting and we follow it with care and respect. The protest of the yellow vests shows that neither Macron, nor Le Pen and Mélenchon are able to intercept the need for change requested by the citizens. We need more participation and more rights and this is the basis for the manifesto that we will present in a few weeks, "concludes Agea.


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