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010000 - General Requirements

Recommended Revision

โ€‹"The meeting yesterday in Brussels of the political leader of the 5-star Movement Luigi Di Maio and the leaders of three other emerging European formations is a fundamental step in a work that comes from afar". This was stated by the head of the M5S in the European Parliament Laura Agea, stating that "in the last few months we have talked with everyone, as is our nature, and we have found important convergences with the Poles of Kukiz'15, the Croats of Zivi zig and Finns by Liike Nyt ".

"With them - he explains - we will give life to the group of direct democracy and our goal is to be decisive in the next European Parliament. We believe in the values โ€‹โ€‹of participation and citizen involvement. Large groups - EPP and S&D - must know that The time when decisions are taken in the secret of the Brussels rooms is over.

"The Stx-Fincantieri merger is an agreement signed almost a year ago by the respective governments (France-Italy), also with the authorization of the European Union. For this reason we do not understand why, after so long, the EU Antitrust opens an inquiry procedure to ascertain whether we are facing an hypothesis of unfair competition. The feeling is that, instead, we are facing a political operation against Italy.

Explanation/Justification for Change For this reason, as an Italian ECR delegation, we will present a question to the European Commission to clarify once and for all about an already acquired merger ". MEPs from the Italian delegation of the European group Conservatori e Riformisti , of which the vice president Raffaele Fitto and the honorable Remo Sernagiotto and Stefano Maullu.

Benefit to UF

โ€‹ In view of the European Championships, the M5S is working to find new alliances under the banner of direct democracy. This is the meaning of the mission yesterday in Brussels of Luigi Di Maio who, as a political leader, met the leaders of three emerging European formations. Laura Agea, head of the delegation of pentastellate MEPs, explains the sense of the European mission of the deputy prime minister to ANSA.


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