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A site for archival of College of Engineering course syllabi.



​​Welcome to the College of Engineering's syllabi archive.  This archive was established to satisfy a Provost requirement:

Effective Fall 2011, the syllabi for all courses and sections offered each semester must be posted on publicly accessible websites.  A college may choose to meet this requirement by posting all its syllabi on a single site or on the web pages of individual departments.  Syllabi must be posted at least three days prior to the first day of classes and must be retained on this site for at least three complete semesters (counting summer as a single semester).

You may sort and filter on any column by clicking on the heading in the table below.  If you login to this site using your Gatorlink username and password the Instructor column will allow you to see the Instructor's profile page which lists contact information and other details.

Some departments have choosen to maintain an archive of course syllabi on their unit's website.  Those archives can be found at:



CWR3201-201208-Thieke.pdfCWR3201 - HYDRODYNAMICSCWR3201Thieke,Robert JFall2012
CWR3201-201301-Thieke.pdfCWR3201 - HYDRODYNAMICSCWR3201Thieke,Robert JSpring2013
CWR3201-S15-Thieke.pdfCWR3201 - HydrodynamicsCWR3201Thieke,Robert JSpring2015
CWR4114-201301-Wise.pdfCWR4114 - Surface HydrologyCWR4114Wise,William RSpring2013
CWR4120-201301-Bhat.pdfCWR4120 - GROUNDWATERCWR4120Bhat, ShirishSpring2013
CWR4202-201301-Newman.pdfCWR4202 - HYDRAULICSCWR4202Mark A. NewmanSpring2013
CWR4202-201208-Bhat.pdfCWR4202 - HYDRAULICSCWR4202Bhat, ShirishFall2012
CWR4202-S15-Newman.pdfCWR4202 - HydraulicsCWR4202Mark A. NewmanSpring2015
CWR4306-201208-Newman.pdfCWR4306 - URBAN STORMWATER SYSTEMS DESIGNCWR4306Mark A. NewmanFall2012
CWR4542-201208-Newman.pdfCWR4542 - WATER RESOURCES ENGINEERINGCWR4542Mark A. NewmanFall2012
CWR4542-S15-Newman.pdfCWR4542 - Water Resources EngineeringCWR4542Mark A. NewmanSpring2015
CWR6115-201301-Wise.pdfCWR6115 - SURFACE HYDROLOGYCWR6115Wise,William RSpring2013
CWR6116-F15-13C7-Sansalone.pdfCWR6116 - Adv Surface HydrologyCWR611613C7Sansalone,John JFall2015
CWR6126-201301-Motz.pdfCWR6126 - VARIABLE-DENSITY GROUNDWATER FLOWCWR6126Motz,Louis HSpring2013
CWR6525-201301-Motz.pdfCWR6525 - GROUNDWATER FLOW IICWR6525Motz,Louis HSpring2013
EES3000L-F11.pdfEES3000L - Environmental Science and Humanities LabEES3000L3671,3678Hensley, Robert ThomasFall2011
EES4050-F11.pdfEES4050 - Environmental Planning & DesignEES40507111Brown,Mark TFall2011
EES4050_S15_068A-Brown.pdfEES4050 - Environmental Planning & DesignEES4050068ABrown,Mark TSpring2015
EES4102-S13.docEES4102 - Wastewater MicrobiologyEES4102Boyer,Treavor HSpring2013
EES4102-S15-11H7-Boyer.pdfEES4102 - Wastewater MicrobiologyEES410211H7Boyer,Treavor HSpring2015
EES4102L-F11.pdfEES4102L - Environmental Biology LabEES4102L7923,7925King,Sean AFall2011
EES4102L_S15_Henson.pdfEES4102L - Environmental Biology LabEES4102LHenson,KevinSpring2015
EES4103-F11.pdfEES4103 - Applied EcologyEES41033498Mclaughlin,Daniel LFall2011
EES4103-S15-06C9-Kaplan.pdfEES4103 - Applied EcologyEES410306C9Kaplan,David AaronSpring2015
EES4201-F11.pdfEES4201 - Water ChemistryEES42018063Chadik,Paul AFall2011
EES4201-F12.docEES4201 - Water ChemistryEES4201Chadik,Paul AFall2012
EES4201_F15_8063_BONZONGO.pdfEES4201 - WATER CHEMISTRYEES42018063Bonzongo,Jean-Claude JFall2015
EES4203-S13.docEES4203 - Phase Partitioning in the EnvironmentEES4203Boyer,Treavor HSpring2013
EES4203-S15-6383-Boyer.pdfEES4203 - Phase Partitioning in the EnvironmentEES42036383Boyer,Treavor HSpring2015
EES4316-S13.docEES4316 - Industrial EcologyEES43165072,11HGDelfino,Joseph JSpring2013
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