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A site for archival of College of Engineering course syllabi.



​​Welcome to the College of Engineering's syllabi archive.  This archive was established to satisfy a Provost requirement:

Effective Fall 2011, the syllabi for all courses and sections offered each semester must be posted on publicly accessible websites.  A college may choose to meet this requirement by posting all its syllabi on a single site or on the web pages of individual departments.  Syllabi must be posted at least three days prior to the first day of classes and must be retained on this site for at least three complete semesters (counting summer as a single semester).

You may sort and filter on any column by clicking on the heading in the table below.  If you login to this site using your Gatorlink username and password the Instructor column will allow you to see the Instructor's profile page which lists contact information and other details.

Some departments have choosen to maintain an archive of course syllabi on their unit's website.  Those archives can be found at:



CCE4015-201208-Mercier.pdfCCE4015 - CIVIL ENGINEERING ESTIMATINGCCE4015Mercier,Denis JFall2012
CCE4015-201301-Mercier.pdfCCE4015 - CIVIL ENGINEERING ESTIMATINGCCE4015Mercier,Denis JSpring2013
CCE4015-S15-Mercier.pdfCCE4015 - Civil Engineering EstimatingCCE4015Mercier, DenisSpring2015
CCE4811-201208-Ellis.pdfCCE4811 - CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING DESIGNCCE4811Ellis,Ralph D JrFall2012
CCE4811-S15-Assi.pdfCCE4811 - Construction Engineering DesignCCE4811Assi,ElieSpring2015
CCE6037-S15-Assi.pdfCCE6037 - Civil Engineering Operations ICCE6037Assi,ElieSpring2015
CEG4011-201301-Mohseni.pdfCEG4011 - SOIL MECHANICSCEG4011Mohseni,Ana Paula VSpring2013
CEG4011-201208-Mohseni.pdfCEG4011 - SOIL MECHANICSCEG4011Mohseni,Ana Paula VFall2012
CEG 4011-S15-Tibbetts.pdfCEG4011 - Soil MechanicsCEG4011Tibbetts,Caitlin MSpring2015
CEG4012-201301-Mohseni.pdfCEG4012 - GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERINGCEG4012Mohseni,Ana Paula VSpring2013
CEG4012-201208-Mohseni.pdfCEG4012 - GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERINGCEG4012Mohseni,Ana Paula VFall2012
CEG4012-S15-Wasman.pdfCEG4012 - Geotechnical EngineeringCEG4012Wasman,Scott JosephSpring2015
CEG4104-201301-Hiltunen.pdfCEG4104 - EARTH RETAINING SYSTEMS AND SLOPE STABILITYCEG4104Hiltunen, Dennis RSpring2013
CEG4104-S15-Hiltunen.pdfCEG4104 - Retaining Wall and Embankment DesignCEG4104Hiltunen, Dennis RSpring2015
CEG4111-201208-Hiltunen.pdfCEG4111 - FOUNDATION DESIGNCEG4111Hiltunen, Dennis RFall2012
CEG5114_S15_15A8_Townsend.pdfCEG5114 - ADVANCED GEOTECHNICAL ASPECTS OF LANDFILL DESIGNCEG511415A8Townsend,Timothy GSpring2015
CEG5115-201208-Hiltunen.pdfCEG5115 - FOUNDATION DESIGNCEG51152821Hiltunen, Dennis RFall2012
CEG6116-201208-Mohseni.pdfCEG6116 - ADVANCED SHALLOW FOUNDATION DESIGNCEG6116Mohseni,Ana Paula VFall2012
CEG6117-201301-McVay.pdfCEG6117 - ADVANCED DEEP FOUNDATION DESIGNCEG6117Mcvay,Michael CSpring2013
CEG6117-S15-Mcvay.pdfCEG6117 - Advanced Deep Foundation DesignCEG6117Mcvay,Michael CSpring2015
CEG6515-201301-Hiltunen.pdfCEG6515 - EARTH RETAINING SYSTEMS AND SLOPE STABILITYCEG6515Hiltunen, Dennis RSpring2013
CEG6515-S15-0846-Hiltunen.pdfCEG6515 - Earth Retaining Systems and Slope StabilityCEG65150846Hiltunen, Dennis RSpring2015
CGN6905-201208-Hiltunen.pdfCEG6905 - FOUNDATION DESIGNCEG6905Hiltunen, Dennis RFall2012
CES3102-201208-Rice.pdfCES3102 - MECHANICS OF ENGINEERING STRUCTURESCES3102Jennifer A. BridgeFall2012
CES3102-201301-Rice.pdfCES3102 - MECHANICS OF ENGINEERING STRUCTURESCES3102Jennifer A. BridgeSpring2013
CES3102-S15-Rice.pdfCES3102 - Mechanics of Engineering StructuresCES3102Jennifer A. BridgeSpring2015
CES4141-201301-Gurley.pdfCES4141 - STRESS ANALYSISCES4141Gurley,Kurtis RSpring2013
CES4141-S15-Gurley.pdfCES4141 - Matrix Stress AnalysisCES4141Gurley,Kurtis RSpring2015
CES4608-201301-Sputo.pdfCES4608 - ADVANCED STEEL DESIGNCES4608Sputo,Thomas JSpring2013
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